Sports Day

We at Kinder College have an annual family sports day. This is a very exciting day for all the Mommies and Daddies to witness their little ones participating in different sports activities. Lots of food stalls and entertainment are available on the day. Remember to bring cameras because this is a day for the memory book.

Concert & Gr R Graduation

We also have an annual concert in which all the children take part in. This is another day to be enjoyed by our whole Kinder College family. A day not to be missed. 
We also spoil our Grade R learners with a Grade R graduation ceremony. This is a very special and heart-warming occasion. 

Photo Day

We take photos of our children in the school annually. We outsource a professional photographer for this occasion. Exceptional quality of photos can be assured.

Educational Visits  

We have a few in-house educational visits for example, “zoo on wheels”, or a dentist or doctor who come to visit our school. These visits are for educational purposes and much enjoyed by the children.

Entrepreneurs Day

We have class Entrepreneur Days for every class in our school. The mommies of the selling class sponsor the school with a few treats. The rest of the school and aftercare are then allowed to come and buy some sweets and treats from the selling class. The funds that are raised from the selling class, is then donated to their class to buy some educational toys, etc. for the class.