Aftercare Daily Roster

Please see below the Daily Roster for the Aftercare. All children will do homework between 14h30-16h00 in the lapa and nobody will be allowed to leave the lapa until 16h00, when the homework is completed. The reason for this is that because the teachers are assisting with homework, there will be no supervision when the kids are playing outside.

Parents, please contact the principle if your child is taking part in any after school activities so that our Aftercare staff is well aware of what time they need to collect them from school.

We do ask that parents also give the children special attention at home where the child is struggling on a specific subject.

Aftercare Daily Roster

Collecting children from school 13h30-13h50
Changing into casual wear 13H50-14H10
Eating Lunch 14H10-14H30
Homework 14H30-16HOO
Snack/Juice 16H00-16H15
Play Time Outside 16H15-17H30

Aftercare Rules:

1. No eating in Lapa.
2. No misbehaving.
3. Keep Lapa clean.
4. Please make sure that all bags are neatly packed against the outside wall.
5. No cell phones while doing homework.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any question regarding this Roster or speak to Meagan or Kaeleigh if need to be.