Changes at Kinder College

Dear Parents,

We have had numerous enquiries and complaints from concerned parents regarding all the changes at Kinder College. Parents do not have to be concerned about the various changes that we have made at Kinder College. The changes we made were in the best interest of the children.

It is unfortunate that due to a conflict of interest we had to dismiss the principal. Karen van Rensburg will be acting principal until the end of the year, whilst looking to employ a new principal for 2014.

Poor attendance of teachers in the 3rd Term
We at Kinder College want to maintain a high standard of education and because of some poor attendance of teachers in the 3rd term we had to ask them to leave.

We will be revising the reports in the 4th term. The new reports will be much more meaningful and accurate.

Gr R class
Teacher Estie will continue with the Gr R class in 2014. She is a qualified Gr R teacher and will give the children at Kinder College the best education. We will be following a more advanced curriculum that has been approved by the SAOU and been followed by all the other primary schools.

I hope this letter addresses all of your concerns regarding the changes we have made at Kinder College. Please feel free to contact Karen, Amalia, Lizanne or myself Gerald if you have any more queries or concern.

Kind Regards,

Gerald Howard

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