Maker Baker

MAKE AND BAKE (“MAKER BAKER”)kinder-college-daycare-in-alberton-are-making-and-baking-at-the-school-and-the-children-can-buy-from-the-baker

“Maker Baker” will be held every two weeks whereby each child will be given a turn to be the “Maker Baker” and parents will be asked to provide eats for the class which their child will be asked to sell to the class. You may decide what you will like to make e.g. cupcakes, popcorn fudge etc. At snack time a little shop will be set up in the child’s classroom to sell. The R5-00 is given to the teacher in the morning for safe keeping. The money will be handed back to the child who can buy from Mr Baker. The money raised will be used to buy educational equipment or books for the class.