Request for donation letter Oct 2012

Dear Parents                                                                                                                      


The festive season is around the corner and for many of us this is a very exciting time, however for many others this is not the the case.

Kinder College has decided to do our bit in giving back to the community.  We will be working with a Church in Turffontein that feeds around 300 children every week. They have a group of 25 children that they work with permanently for which we would like to make Christmas a little more special.


We would like to ask the parents to help us gather Christmas gifts for these children.  We ask that the gift be an average of R100, as we want them all to be of the same value.  A list of the children’s name, age and gender will be available from Teacher Mary or Bianca.


Kindly donate to our feeding scheme for the Church, we will have a basket in the Junior Class to collect non-perishable foods for example, sandwich spreads, packet of sweets, juices to be diluted, canned foods, noodles, porridges exc.


May we request that the donations reach the school by the 9th of November.

By giving to these less fortunate you may give them a chance of a healthier and happier future.
Thank you very much.   We appreciate your kind heartedness.


Kind Regards

Management  and Kinder College Staff