Things we need


Please think of us before you throw anything away. We are looking for the following items: Corks, wine sleeve holders, buttons, wool, sequins, polystyrene cups, straws, egg boxes, cotton reel holders, sponges, ice cream tubs as well as ice cream sticks. This will help your children being more creative with the above items.

Kinder College day care in Alberton uses all kinds of things to create crafts with children


We are in need of a few items for Fantasy Play inside the classrooms, they are really great things to help develop your child’s fine motor skills and the children will love playing in theses corners. If you are not using the below items and would like to donate it to the school we would really appreciate it.


  • Kitchen items (plastic) – small containers, any kitchen utensils, cloths, aprons, cups and saucers, old broken electrical equipment – toasters, kettles
  • Baby room – empty holders of cream, powder, shampoo (for a baby), dolls, clothes, any doll accessories
  • Office equipment – old keyboards, mouse, fax machine
  • Hospital equipment
  • Grocery store items (plastic) – empty tin containers, or coffee containers
  • Pharmacy, doctor’s apparatus (plastic) – any empty containers
  • Bakery
  • Any interesting old clothes for boys and girls – could be mommy or daddy’s old clothes
  • Old telephones or cell phones
  • Hats – old lady hats, firemen hats, police hats, army hats
  • Books
  • Hair clips
  • Ties
  • Hammers
  • Screw drivers
  • Blunt scissors
  • Hair dryers
  • If you can think of anything else that the children could use in the Fantasy Corners, please send it to the school

Please contact Kaeleigh (Deputy Principal) with any question at any time on the school phones.
Kind Regards
Kaeleigh van Zyl & Kinder College Management
Deputy Principal
Kinder College Management